Which is the best Video Calling App – Zoom or Skype or Hangouts or what?

Breaking the physical barriers and distances is just a tap away with the video calling app facility on everybody’s smartphone. With many options available, one might wonder which is the best video calling app among Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, etc.

The 21st century is at its peak to prove that physical barriers mean nothing. The advent of emerging and constantly developing technologies are enabling people to come together as one global unit. 

While some people are using apps for their business or professional purposes, others are seeking and getting entertainment out of applications at the tap or/and tip of their fingers. This has also brought a lot of security measures in place both from the person or business point of view and the application’s end. Some apps are also used for taking up online classes for various things like cooking, fitness training, etc.

Most of these applications are usable for free, with some extra perks in the paid versions. But some come with a cost to be able to connect to your people. While most apps can be used for both casual and business calls, some have been used according to the need. Check out which is the best video calling app among Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and many more to connect with your people professionally and personally too.

Zoom – Video Conferencing

Zoom has been the most used video calling app in the past few months. With many countries in lockdown from the past five weeks, people have been connecting with each other using this app.

It is an ideal platform for companies to use for their regular work from home meetings. It also allows the option of sharing your screen with others in case you are going in for a presentation. Additionally, it also lets you record the meeting for future reference. 

Which is the best Video Calling App - Zoom?

The free version of it does allow you to use all these features but only for a limited period. You will then have to move to a premium version, Zoom pro for $14.99 (£11.79) per month which is ₹1153.67. The Zoom Business and Enterprise version is $19.99 (£15.73) per month which is ₹1538.48.

Skype & Skype Business

You might be wondering why this was not the first thing spoken about in the beginning of this article. But no doubt it has been the most extensively used app in the past few years. Be it for personally getting in touch with your dear ones or doing a business conversation, it has always been a useful application. 

Which is the best Video Calling App - Skype?

This application can be downloaded on the mobile or can be used on the desktop through the browser. You can call it an average app that can be used for business meetings and catching up with your friends. But it has also gone really outdated with other popular players like Zoom for the adults and WhatsApp itself suffices for dialing up two or three of your friends if you wish to talk.

The main issue with it is that you have to sign up and have a Skype account if you want to use it. You also need a Skype Business account separately if your company has signed up with them  which costs $2 per user which is approximately ₹154. What you must also know is that it is owned by Microsoft, who seems to be paying more attention to their second kid Microsoft teams which will be discussed next. 

Microsoft Teams – Team Conversations

This video calling app comes as a complimentary with the Office 365 subscription. Companies and business organizations usually take this subscription for all their employees together. While it significantly does not have any peculiar pros, it has a review of being less user friendly and difficult to use initially. 

Microsoft Teams has a combined chat option, similar to that of Skype and Slack. It allows you to simultaneously chat while on video call. It also allows you to present. While you compare Skype and Microsoft Teams, there is not much difference except the popularity for the former and the minimal user friendliness of the latter.

Which is the best Video Calling App - Microsoft team?

The reason why it is less user friendly is also very much valid. Firstly, it only allows those people on a video call who have the Office 365 subscription within the organization. Secondly, you cannot add people to a call as and when you want to. You have to invite each and every person manually to the team only then you can have the call. 

The pros of this app is the background blur option, which is very helpful for the messy roomies. Like any other video calling app, it does include features like file sharing, screen sharing and screen recordings to chat options like GIFs, stickers and emojis.

Google Hangouts Chat & Meet

Little do people know about the Hangouts app being an option for video calls. The reason for this is that it is slightly confusing while looking for it on the AppStore or the Play Store. Hangouts Meet is the correct application if you are looking for it.

Briefly, for chilling with your pals you can use Hangouts Chat is and for your work calls, you can use Hangouts Meetings. It is quite impressive that Google thought about both the personal and professional space while making this available for the users. On the contrary, it is not as popular as the other products of Google. 

Which is the best Video Calling App - Hangouts?

While Hangouts Chat only requires your Gmail ID to login and begin using, Hangouts Meet requires a G-suite login. This is again dependent on your organization, and makes you free of paying any cost. It allows upto 50 members on the call at once. This makes you good to go with your Google synced with everything seamlessly. The advanced version also allows 250 people at once! 

We also have some other apps like the Houseparty and FaceTime. While Houseparty is strictly (not what it sounds like) for socializing with your friends, FaceTime is an only-Apple-app that could not make it to this list. Yet, both of them are also amazing options if you are looking to connect with others.

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