What is Bollywood doing during COVID Lockdown?

Due to the shutting of cinema halls and the suspending of shooting, the actors of the film industry are finding it difficult to take their work forward. But what must be appreciated and enjoyed is their creative ways to keep us engaged through their social media handles. Some people are doing social media challenges while some are taking time to spend more time with their loved ones. Check out below what Bollywood is doing during the lockdown.

The impromptu decision of the lockdown for the safety of the people and curbing the coronavirus pandemic from spreading further has put a stop to many things in the world including entertainment. A lot of channels and the cinema. 

Akshay Kumar

Alphabetically, and otherwise too, we cannot start talking about Bollywood and India without this actor being mentioned first. His patriotism has reflected in the past few years with the meaningful messages he delivers through his movies about India. 

During the lockdown, Akshay has pledged his contribution to the PM Cares Fund by supporting the government on one hand, and on the other hand, he has also been engaging with his fans on Instagram of late. He has launched a campaign #DilSeThankYou encouraging his followers to post a picture thanking the doctors, police, NGOs, vendors, and government officials working to cure the pandemic and maintain the basic necessities in everyone’s houses. 

It is definitely heartwarming that he is recognizing the efforts of these people and making others do it too. In conclusion, we could say that he is calling the shots on patriotism!

Deepika and Ranveer

The most adorable, quirky, and a favorite couple of India, Ranveer and Deepika have been known to steal hearts with their cuteness since we got to know that they are together. The Bajirao Mastani of Bollywood has been taking quarantine goals to new levels of cuteness with their posts on social media.

While Deepika has been showing how she is utilizing her time at home by cleaning her wardrobe, skincare, working out, and naming things at home including her husband! Below is the picture so she and everyone know who he is.

On the other hand, Ranveer does not want to stay behind in this race. He took Instagram to show some love by announcing his new gym buddy, Deepu! Take a look at this cute post 

Ayushmann and Tahira

This one is the one with the kids involved. Ayushmann and Tahira are bringing out the child in themselves by painting and spending time with their children. Take a peek here

Apart from this, Ayushmann is also spending time brushing up his Shayari skills. He has taken his Instagram IGTV to share his new poetry which he has been writing during this quarantine. Not just his own, he also encouraged other poets who he has been coming across and sharing their work with his fans and followers.

Now that is called keeping people engaged! Not to forget, he is throwing in some throwbacks from the awards he received for his fantastic contribution to the industry. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan

While it is known to be very hard to get enough sleep and rest for a hectic schedule involving travel, work out and makeup sessions, Bebo and her gang are making sure they get the best out of this lockdown by getting their beauty sleep. Take a look at their beauty routine.

She is also doing her bit by thanking the people involved in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in her latest post. She has pledged to stay home and has asked her fans and followers to do the same to fight the pandemic. 

And coming to the cutest baby of Bollywood, Taimur! Although these paps are not getting much of him, Kareena Kapoor is making sure that the Baby Nawab is getting a little bit limelight with her posts on Instagram. Take a look below

Katrina Kaif

The newbie to Instagram Katrina is giving some major goals to us! She has been actively taking part in the lockdown by asking her fans to stay home and be safe amid the pandemic. 

She has been chilling and catching up with her friends Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor. She is also doing her household chores and sharing the same on her Instagram feed. Take a look below.

Bollywood During Lockdown in one frame – Muskurayega India

Last but not the least, this new adorable homemade video by the stars is an important thing that should be spoken about in this list! Written by Kaushal Kishore and composed by Vishal Mishra. A few actors from the industry have contributed their bytes to this song. Catch the song here below.

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