Travel Essentials You Must Have For Your Plan After Lockdown

Be it watching the skyline of New York or standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower, we have all dreamed of destinations to check off our travel list. With the changing situation in this new decade that we have stepped into, there are many changes we can anticipate. Initially, our travel essentials included basic things like your brush, enough pair of clothes, perfume, phone chargers, etc. Consequently, due to global circumstances, we might have to add some extra travel essentials while planning our next trip post the lockdown and quarantine.

Firstly, it is important to note that there has been a worldwide ban on travel all over the world off-late. Secondly, it will take a few months for airlines to resume their normal operations. This might also see drastic changes in basic things like seating arrangements and amenities. There are some necessary amenities like masks and sanitizers that should be a part of these amenities. But it is left to the discretion of the company running the airlines to provide them.

Travel essentials post-May 2020

First of all, we would like you to take this as a shot – Health is the priority!

No matter where you plan to go, you should make sure that you carry things that keep you hygienic. The next most important thing to notice and address is how road trips are going to be the new thing this year! We at Social Tequila believe that this is not the year of the rat. But it is actually the year of the car!

Keeping in mine these two things that we introduced, hygiene and road trip, here are a few travel essentials we think should be in your existing list.

A Thorough Check On OTAs

You are bound to look for a good hotel when you plan a trip. The best place to find a good hotel is to search on Google. Google will help you reach the concerned website of the hotel which you like. But another option is to look for Online Travel Agents like TripAdvisor, GoIbibio, or

Now there are two reasons why we recommend this. Firstly, it helps you find all the details of the hotel along with reviews of previous travelers. The second reason is the latest updates it provides. And by updates we mean which place is being visited the most and what new amenities these hotels have added extra.

Travel Essentials You Must Have For Your Plan After Lockdown

Most of the OTA platforms also give you information about the new offers and packages offered at these hotels. With every industry facing great losses in business, you can expect the best of offers from hotels and resorts. Hence, the OTAs are the best place to pick your choice.

Pocket Sanitizer (With Refils)

We could not have started on any other note when we talk about travel essentials. Sanitizers are now an essential irrespective of whether you’re traveling or not. Sanitizers have always been in the list of travel essentials since the beginning but nobody took this tiny little bottle seriously until 2020.

Now it is highly possible that you will find these tiny dispensers of sanitizers no matter where you travel. We still recommend you have these tiny bottles. At least two or three when you plan your next business or leisure trip.

A Raincoat

No we are not saying that you need a raincoat when you’re going to the Maldives to chill by the beach. But yes, we are saying that. We trust your choice of travel. We know you will not choose a place that will rain in the current season. Raincheck is a must when you’re choosing a destination.

Having said that we trust you, there is an extension to that thought. We don’t trust the weather anywhere. Thanks to global warming, we don’t know how the weather is going to be anywhere. Recently there have been many changes in the weather all across the world. With the sudden summer rains in India to the melting of icebergs in the polar regions, we really can’t say how the weather is going to be anywhere.

Nevertheless, we would like to end by saying that no matter what happens, we will eventually travel. There is going to be a tomorrow where we will travel as freely as we used to before. We just have to be patient and try our best to travel lesser as of now to stay safe.

Where do you want to travel next? Comment below!

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