Startup Ideas In India That Make A Great Career

The past decade has proven to be the best time for startup ideas in India. A lot of big companies look at funding startups to support young entrepreneurs and promote new ideas. India is also a hub for such startups to flourish with a majority of young people in its population. Not just for the people enjoying these new products, but also for these budding new businessmen because this young crowd is always ready to try new things.

These startups are also aided by startups that help promote them. Confused? We’ll explain. 

A lot of startups support small business and already existing medium scale business with technology, logistics, marketing and procurements. These supporting startups are also the fuel to the service industry which contributes to 53% of India’s economy. Without any adieu, let’s swoop into the best startup ideas in which you can make a great career.

Best Startup Ideas In India To Make A Great Career

No, we don’t mean that each one of you should come up with an idea for a startup. Partially, yes. Gone are the days when the only thing to opt for was medical or engineering in your degree and join an MNC. No, we are not saying that it is bad. A lot of people only use it as a bridge in their career to fund themselves for future business, studies, or overall career. 

Moreover, the startup culture is what makes people more attracted to it. The startups in India have the most youth-friendly atmosphere with a lot of things to learn and try. This also helps them understand a very foundational level of running a business which will make them suitable for any role they choose in the future. Companies like Tata and Mahindra constantly keep looking for ideators and give them the opportunity to make it big in their life. 

Startups are mostly taking the website or app form because of the digital age we live in. While it might be real ground and physical work to do, seamless technologies on the internet make it easier to coordinate, manage, and assign work through these apps. 

Here are a few startup ideas that will give you an amazing growth in your career if you choose it.

Logistics App Startups

This has to be where we start. The most booming and popular industry or business to enter into, at least given the situation of 2020. These apps help connect the right people for your movement of goods and products.  The reason you can make a great career or do good business with this startup idea is that it touches each and every other industry. If you are a business or a service provider, then there are a lot of logistics apps you can connect with. 

To name a few, Dunzo, Moovo, Lynk and The Porter.

Logistics App Startups

Event Management Startups

One of the most flourishing and ROI-giving industries is events in India. With communication and commute being easy in the past few decades, this business has been picking up with great numbers. This not only includes personal events, but it also has artistic, business, and community events. The best part is that you get to meet the most amount of people in this field. You also ghetto learn something new about each project you work with and on any day, events are always fun. 

The best startups in Event Management in India are – ShaadiSquad, Wizcraft, Wow events, etc.

Event Management Startups

Food Delivery Apps

Needless to say, it is a very great ecosystem to be working with. Big players do exist like Swiggy and Zomato, but there is always something extra that you can always provide to the users. Either in these big giants or in a new startup. Every day is an exciting day when you work at these startups because there are always new restaurants coming up and there’s always something new you can offer to your users. Either in terms of offers, collection, cuisines, and a lot more! After all, food is basic for all humans and that’s what you will be working for! 

Some other names in this category of startups for India are Faasos, GrubHub, UberEats, etc.

Food Delivery Startup Apps In India

Health And Fitness Apps

With people becoming more aware of the surroundings and themselves, people are now investing their efforts in health and fitness. This has increased the number of fitness and medical apps on the internet. These range from supplying medicines to the public to video consulting with doctors to counting calories and workouts to create a track of health. The best example of such a startup in TheCult. With a millennial approach and design, the app became an instant success of integrating nutrition and fitness into one. Brownie points for making Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador.

Some apps that we can say are startup ideas for India and its health are – mFine, Practo, FitPass, and NetMeds. 

Health And Fitness Apps

Stay tuned to this space for more startup stories and categories.

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