Top 5 Social Media Challenges You Can Do At Home With Your Friends

2020 has so far been a very difficult time for people across the world. Especially for those people who are away from their dear ones and need to connect digitally, it has been even harder. Likewise, people who live in the same city too are unable to meet each other. Amid all this distancing, there is one thing binding people together – social media. Social media never disappoints when it comes to connecting people. Whether it is mere chatting or doing fun stuff, social media is the best place to be. With people being a little freer at home in quarantine, there has been a big boom of people taking up social media challenges. 

Social Media Challenges in Quarantine

Firstly, social media challenges were only done by celebrities or influencers. As a result of more people staying at home and not being able to connect with family and friends, there has been a significant increase in the number of people taking up different challenges.

Among all the challenges, we have picked the most noteworthy ones which are making the rounds on every social media without barring age, location, and occupation. Take a look at them here –


Of all the challenges trending nowadays, #DontRushChallenge is the most popular one. This challenge is very easy to do since you just have to shoot your part at home and compile it with that of your friends’. You basically start by showing how you are chilling in your PJ’s and suddenly there’s some makeup or accessory thrown at you. As you approach that object towards the camera and take it back, Voila! You are completely in a new avatar that has evolved because of the object thrown at you. Initially, it started off for the ladies glamming up from their home attires to glamourous diva looks using a lipstick.

This challenge involves the passing over of makeup brushes, lipsticks, and almost anything. It initially began in Nigeria by a business student named Toluwalase Asolo. She just happened to co-create the most popular social media challenge due to the reason that she was bored!

The most interesting part is how everyone across the world twisted it according to themselves. Consequently, Indian women influencers took this opportunity to flaunt their elegant and glam saree look by nominating others too. Can you believe that people not just pass makeup and brushes, but “ponchas” too? This has to be the most innovative way of connecting it to what you’re stuck doing at home!


This is the second-best challenge followed across the world currently. It was introduced to the world by the Swedish influencers on Instagram  @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli. We believe that, probably, the inspiration for this challenge is lockdown and quarantine. #BoredInTheHouse

First of all, #ThePillowDressChallenge is the easiest challenge to do as you don’t have to buy any fabric or spend on any outfits. Secondly, it’s an outfit made at home with literally a pillow and a belt. Not to forget, a little makeup and shoes to complement the whole outfit. While some try to look cute in this outfit, some are rising temperatures with their hot and lit pictures.

Halle Berry, Sarah M Geller, and Anne Hathaway are some Hollywood stars who did this challenge. Neha Kakkar and Tamannah Bhatia among others have also contributed to this challenge on their Instagram pages. This challenge has become more of a fashion trend than merely being a social media challenge. And as people are bored at home, they don’t mind taking up this challenge too.


This has to be certified as the most genius idea ever. We also think that it would win the Nobel prize for comedy if that ever existed. But it must also be noted that only brave hearts can do this. It seems like of all the social media challenges mentioned on this list, the #FlipTheSwitch has to be the funniest and most interesting one.

In this challenge, which is predominantly done by couples, involves the switch. And by switch it means both the one that switches off the light and the interchanging. To begin with, there’s a mirror, there’s you and there’s your significant other. You begin by doing what you usually do originally. Switch off the lights and when you switch it on, Voila! You are wearing each others’ clothes and doing what the other person was doing initially.

The award for the best #FlipTheSwitch challenge has to go to JLo and Alex Rodriguez. Take a look below –

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