What Role Does Brand Awareness Play In Marketing?

Some people prefer Lenovo where some prefer Dell. While some prefer Samsung and we all have at least one Apple lover. Some people like Kurkure while some still prefer 30% air (Lays of course!) The reason why we brought this up is that there are very important phenomena that make people make these choices. It is the brand loyalty they have to the brand. But the first step towards brand loyalty is brand awareness.

Awareness is the most important aspect to focus on for any brand under any industry. The basic version of awareness is remembering the brand when it is uttered. On the other hand, the ultimate goal of marketing is to mention a niche and gaining brand recognition into everyone’s head. Like how in the examples mentioned above, we came up with two brand names for each niche.

What Do You Mean By Brand Awareness?

In simple words, it is the way people recognize your brand. It could be your logo, your product, your brand ambassador, or anything significant related to your brand. The catch is the brand recognition when any of these things is presented in front of people. While it is a very vague term encompassing many things under it, the end goal of it is to make as many people aware of your brand.

Why Is Brand Awareness So Important?

The initial role of awareness is to make it known to the targeted audience and attracting consumer behavior towards the brand. While the journey does not end there, there are few more things that need to happen in order to reach the stage of brand loyalty. The ultimate goal of any brand is to live in the minds, hearts, and mouths of people. That is the level of popularity and loyalty that can make you win over the competition. According to us, these are the reasons why awareness is important.

For Trust

A brand gets into the minds of its consumers when it manages to build a certain trust with them. This can be earned with powerful communication about the brand, the quality of the product, and the offerings compared to the competition.

For Association

For instance, while making a cocktail at home, if your mind directs the thought of a soft drink to Coca Cola, it means that this brand has done well with awareness. Even if you go to a different place, you will trust this product because you have had it before and there a uniform experience no matter where you are.

For Value

Finally, having awareness enables your product or brand to become the choice-making factor in consumer behavior. Consumer behaviour can only be directed towards your brand when the end-user connects with the use of the product and has a great experience with it.

How Is Brand Awareness Created?

In marketing, especially at the initial stages, it is very important to establish the brand to as many people as possible. At every stage there on, there are various activities that contribute to the presence of the brand in the market. There is a structured way to form the strategy for the awareness of the brand. This includes many things that coexist in advertising, communications, and public relations.

How Is Brand Awareness Created?

The important thing for creating awareness for your brand is to have a good strategy in place. Depending on the market and industry, this strategy varies. In fact, for each brand, based upon its unique selling pints and offerings to the consumers, the strategy keeps changing.

What Is Brand Awareness Strategy?

The strategy behind every brand to create a mark in the minds of its consumers is the most important marketing activity. In the digital era, it is very important to have 60% of your strategy-driven digitally. Running properly crafted brand awareness campaigns on social media plays a crucial role in this process as it is the easiest way to connect to your consumers.

The best example of brand awareness that is socially tequilafied are the following two brands –

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Even with the latest rebranding of their logo and product line, Cadbury Dairy Milk still holds the same amount of loyalty and recognition in the market. So much so that regional competitors for the same tend to copy their branding style and products.


Durex portrays itself as a very cool and modern brand through its social media channels, especially Instagram. It is one of the tequilafied brands that we always follow for creative inspiration. Since its creative attempts, especially on social media, the brand has gained more awareness, loyalty, and finally, sales too.

Tequila Takeaway

Every brand has its own set of consumers to target and the loyalty from these brands. Every brand also has its own marketing mixture with relevant ingredients to achieve brand awareness and eventually, brand loyalty.

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