Latest Indian Wedding Trends – A Must Know List

Weddings are the most exciting and amazing celebrations that happen in our lives. From shopping for the apparel to deciding the decorations and fixing on the menu. Gone are the days when weddings were just about just the main wedding ceremony. Every other function in the list has equal and sometimes more important than the actual wedding itself sometimes. Here are a few latest Indian wedding trends in 2020 to know what you’re getting yourself into when you plan one.

Weddings nowadays are not merely just religious events in chronology. It has blended with international tastes and has become a really new theme altogether. Another important thing we would like to focus on would be the amazing LGBTQ+ weddings happening around the world, the Indian style. Some of them have given us goals with the whole Indian wedding trends. Here are the best ones picked for you – 

The Color Palette Of Indian Weddings in 2020

While Indian weddings are very colorful themselves, the new western colors have also made space in this creole of customs. The latest addition from the global theme of weddings has been the color palette that defines decor, fashion, and pretty much every other thing too. 

Pastels And Royals

The two main color groups that have swept into the Indian wedding trends scene are pastels and the dark royals. The pastel group has become a trend in India for the past 4-5 years. Whether it is the bride’s lehenga or the wedding invite, it is mostly in pastel colors. Not just the bride or the groom, even people choosing their apparel for the event are also going for the pastels. It surely does add in the glamour and class element into the whole wedding while being playful and young. 

The other set of colors are the royals, emerald green, royal blue, and dark maroon. These too have been ruling the lehenga and sherwani game for many now. The decor is usually going pastel but a great compliment to that canvas is this set of colors. Take a look below

Another peculiar color set kicking in is the sea colors. From corals to sea-green, everyone is looking out for this new trendsetting in. 

The Fashion At Indian Weddings

Sabyasachi, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli,….. And the list goes on.

These are some of the remarkable names that have been ruling the wedding fashion inspiration game. They have inspired most of the looks this year and looks like they’re not leaving any soon. From floral patterns to the western veil trend to the pastels, these people have given us major fashion goals for the wedding season to come. 

Florals And Monotones

The two main themes following the Indian wedding trends in 2020 are florals and monotones. Florals have not just been a part of women’s fashion, but have slid into the men’s wardrobe too. And we are not limiting it to a miniature that doesn’t seem obvious. We are talking huge flowers on a light beige paired up with popping colors like yellow, orange, and pink too. Especially with the decriminalization of Section 377, the popular Indian gay weddings are ruled by the floral theme.

The monotones are the epitome of the western culture blending in India. With Priyanka Chopra’s wedding lehenga and Deepika Padukone’s veiled reception look, we are all in for the monotone magic. 

Coordinating Almost Everything

Another important thing with fashion in Indian weddings is coordinating. It is imperial that you coordinate with everything around and everybody around. The entire trend of matching clothes carefully with others while still having your own style to it is now the trend at Indian weddings. 

The Decor at Indian Weddings

The decor as mentioned before has got a tinch of the latest glamorous western color but looks like everyone is turning back time and going for the traditional look. Really embracing all the events and setting up the decor accordingly. For the Haldi it’s all yellow with the genda phool all over and the sangeet is all about being colorful while the wedding goes back to the standard Shaadi colors of red, green, pink, and white. 

Another interesting sangeet and reception thing to do is with the contemporary decor. Lights, hangings, leaves, and lots of things make the sangeet nights more magical than ever. Almost as though the sangeet is no less than a Bollywood dance sequence. 

What is your favorite wedding 

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