Latest Fashion Trends – The Pillow Dress

The fashion industry is facing one of the major challenges with the current situation in the world. With the biggest events like the Cannes Film Festival and the Met Gala getting postponed, our celebrities are not getting enough space to show their fashion sense. Likewise, social media has always been the only place where the show does not stop. As a result, the latest fashion trends are now seen on a different ramp that has set the stage in the closets!

The internet has always been a place where you find anything and everything. Furthermore, with the increasing number of people on major social media challenges on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, the type of content shared is also widening its scope. Likewise, the number of people these celebrities and trend makers influence is also exponentially elaborating. This does not leave the fashion industry too.

When we add the elements of social media and fashion in the lockdown time, the equation amounts to the first result – The Pillow Dress Challenge! 

Lockdown Time (Social Media + Fashion) = Pillow Dress Challenge

What Is The #PillowDressChallenge?

You wear a pillow and nothing else. Literally that’s what the challenge is!

Okay, we were kidding. This latest fashion trend which is also a challenge here is to make yourself a pillow dress. You are allowed to accessorize but not use any other clothing on yourself.

How Did This Latest Fashion Trend Begin?

The whole lockdown situation has inspired this look, is what we also feel like the rest of the world does. All the trendy fashionable outfits from your jackets, to the blazers to those tops you grabbed at the mall recently too, are just ironed and kept in the wardrobe waiting for a dawn to come.

Seems like everybody is in their house wearing the same 3 sets of pajamas and changing their shirts for that office video conference that happens once in a while. There is also very little coming to us from the fashion world due to the reduced public gatherings and social distancing. 

In such a situation, it is but obvious that a genius mind would have thought to spice up their own and everybody’s fashion game, at home! The latest quarantine trend is to wear what makes you feel the most comfortable – Your PILLOW!

What led to one of the latest fashion trends?

The challenge was initiated by two Instagram influencers – @myforteisfashion and @stylebynelli. They both are from Sweden and they have up to 400k followers combined on Instagram. Have a look at their posts – 

The former is seen dressed with a bright pink pillow with a gold chunky belt from Zara, and the main outfit from Ikea(yes she did mention that too). Similarly, the latter is also seen with chunky belt sneakers and additionally a basket of socks. Both of them hold the same pose – a peace symbol, one leg up, and face covered with the phone. The hair bun is also seen in common on both the posts.  

While the trend was no doubt their idea, people have tweaked their versions while they took the challenge. From influencers to influenciees(did we just come up with that? :P), everybody on social media is now taking the Pillow Dress Challenge. This bandwagon has also brought some fine and dandy sight to the eye. Below are some that stole hearts and blew minds all at once!

Some of the best Pillow Dress Looks!

This American actress has defined what classy and sexy means in one picture. She used a dark blue pillow to pair up with the coolest accessories – a matching hat and stilettos. 
Exactly what we feel like, no clean clothes. Oh, wait, what is the entire wardrobe full of? Clothes that are worn out, let’s just wear a pillow today cause Wine Not
This one is too bold to say anything.
She is definitely what her bio says – Chief Mom, actress, author, entrepreneur, and part-time superhero! 
Our very own DheemeDheeme girl has done it too! She combined the promotion of her new song Moscow Mashuka with this TikTok wearing the pillow dress in three styles. 
To end with, and bless your eyes, feed and screen here arrives Her Highness! She brought back the memories with her Princess Diaries reference with the best caption and dialogue 
“A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early”
And one last picture to bless your screen!

Check out more on PillowDressChallenge on our Instagram Story Highlights

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