How To Build A Public Relations Strategy With Digital Media

Whether it is through the things they do to the community of the things that the founder has gone through to make that brand, it all becomes a story to tell the market. If the brand doesn’t tell its own story, the market will join the dots by itself and create a story. And that my friends, is how a brand can lose its made up a reputation in a market. Like how the story of a person is his to say, the story of a brand is it’s to say. That’s when things are clearer in the minds of the stakeholders. The best way to achieve this is through a good public relations strategy. And with the current digital age in the picture, going online is the best way to do this. Let’s see how

Public Relations Strategy With Digital Media

Off late, the entire marketing and communications fraternity are coming together to capitalize on activities done through digital mediums. This also involves using digital media as a medium for public relations activities. One example of public relations used in the best way possible is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It became a quick hit and it was followed by many more challenges coming up on the internet even today. 

Currently, a lot of public relations agencies suggest and also engage in activities online equally as offline ones. Bringing an equilibrium between both online and offline activities would be the perfect public relations mix if that’s what it’s called. 

The reason why this is so important is that there is a far more reach for the activity you do and promote online vs something you do within your geographic limit. No, we do not mean that doing an outreach program in your neighborhood, a conventional public relations strategy, should not be done. We are saying that there is a way to promote it and speak about it genuinely on an online medium to expand your brand reach. Here are a few steps you can follow to make a good public relations strategy –

Talk About What And Why Your Brand Is Doing Something

Being on the internet makes every brand more and more vulnerable to being assumed for something they don’t say. The best way to make sure that people know what you actually want them to think is to say it yourself. If you want your brand to come out as a bold one, be bold on your social media. If you want your brand to look like a caring one, portray that too with your social media. Not just with social media, even the online business profiles on related websites and apps must reflect the same across all platforms. That’s when this synergy will work out the best to make your brand image clear from your end.

Collaboration With Influencers

People are now in a zone where they will buy something only when they see the genuine and experience of another customer. And more than a customer they believe their influencer to an extent too. Not too much and not too less, these influencers perfectly can curate a great experience of your product to the audience.

Collaboration With Influencers - PR

Carefully choosing your influencer based on the target of your campaign and the public relations strategy will bring out great results for your brand. For example, if you want to portray your product as a fashion-friendly one, go for a fashion influencer. But if you think that your niche is catering to a more travel-oriented audience, then travel bloggers should be your pick. 

Don’t Forget Your Roots – Offline Media

No matter how much you think that digital is going to be the best strategy, don’t neglect your print journals. They have a much bigger base and influence audience behavior more even today. Fun fact, each of these print journos also has their online versions, so make sure you don’t avoid them.

If there is something important happening with your brand, then communicate it well with the local and national media while you simultaneously launch the same information online. This also helps the recall of your brand to the stakeholders you cater to. Since the impact is all around, there is no chance that they would miss what you’re trying to say.


Public relations is the main part of marketing and communications and does play an important role online too. The best practice to do well in this department for your brand is to maintain an equilibrium between offline and digital media.

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