How Dancing For Fitness Came Into Being

Dancing has merely been a form of entertainment and fun in the olden days. But, today an important factor contributing to a healthy lifestyle is dancing for fitness. Dance has also become a profession and is considered equally important as such other artistic professions. A lot of people find exercises boring, but dance engages the interest of the person while working the body out. All it needs is some music to go along because what’s to dance without music?

Evolution Of Dance

Over the years dancing has evolved a lot. In ancient times people used to dance in religious ceremonies. Today, we have various dance forms to treasure, learn, and enjoy. If we look back in time, the history of dance is rich with interesting events that shape its very foundation to the different styles perfected by people over a period of hundreds of years.

Evolution Of Dance

From ballroom to hip hop, jazz to ballet, salsa to sway, tango to mambo, and ancient dance rituals to modern dance styles. As time went by a lot of new dances were created. The Waltz started in the mid 19th century and became very popular.

World Dances

A lot of different dance styles have originated from different parts of the world over time. Ballet originated from Italy later became popular in France and then its popularity spread out around the world and eventually it was loved in Russia in the 19th century. Popular ballet styles such as The swan lake, The Nutcracker, and The sleeping beauty were all created in Russia. Tango is deep-rooted and was first danced in Europe before the First World War. The signature move of Tango is a cat stalking its prey. Rumba is a dance style associated with fun and parties and its influence can be tracked down in the 16th century. This type of dance is loved for its expressive moves along with the beats and tunes from drums, maracas, and other instruments.

In the 1970s the hip hop dance style became popular in the South Bronx, New York, and this style is also called street dancing. Hip hop has evolved with various styles like breaking, popping, and locking. The modern world, specifically the youth have continued to adopt hip hop until now. Tap dance is another form of dance that came into existence in the mid-1800s and is popular until the present time. This style needs the dancer to create a tapping sound and in which the dancer also becomes the musician of their own dance routines.

Classical Dance

The classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, and many more have originated in India and go way back in time. Each classical dance style originated from different states of the country. These dance styles were performed while worshipping god and in different religious ceremonies and rituals. These classical dance styles have become very popular and are practiced in the present time in an authentic way. Dance’s history is a lot more than what is mentioned and depicted in ancient books and paintings. The first person who ever created dance is someone the world will never know.

Classical Dance

Dancing For Fitness

The dance styles kept evolving from generation to generation. Today dance styles have evolved so much that it has become a part of fitness and health. Dance helps your body muscles work as it uses the strength and burns the calories in your body. It also reduces stress. Dancing tones up the body and helps to get in shape. Dancing stretches your body and makes you flexible. There are specific dance styles for working out like Zumba and cardio.


Of all the dance forms that have evolved, Zumba is acclaimed as the best dancing for fitness. Zumba is a dance style where certain movies of exercise are repeated periodically according to the beats and music of the song to its duration. Cardio is a form of dance in which a set of exercises are done until the song lasts. A lot of exercises such as lunges, squats, and crunches are done in a creative way according to the beats and music of the song.

This helps in the engagement of the person to work out as it is a fun and entertaining way of exercising without the person getting bored. Dancing makes you stay active and fit. A lot of dance professionals take up Zumba classes along with teaching other dance styles in their academy. There’s a lot of competition among the dance professionals in this style as it is about how creative you can make dancing for fitness.

Nowadays, not only the youth practice dancing but also middle-aged people. A lot of dance academies have special batches for the middle-aged people and also special batches only for ladies.

Dancing For Fitness - Zumba

Technology Aided Dance Exercise

In this modern world of advanced technologies, we have a lot of devices and the internet to reach out worldwide and get any type of news and knowledge and learn. Many dance professionals and academies have started online classes. In a discussion about learning things online, Youtube cannot be missed. Youtube plays a vital role in teaching and learning.  People with talents and desiring to teach upload their videos on Youtube and reach out to the audience worldwide.

Social media also plays an important role in spreading dancing for fitness culture. With the latest social media challenges on fitness, one cannot deny working out at home!

Dancing can also be learned online. The professionals upload the dance and Zumba routines on their channel on Youtube and the audience and learn through their videos. Now anyone can learn dance and work out at home by the provision of the internet.

In conclusion, staying fit and healthy is very important in today’s busy life. Dance is a fun form of exercising and staying fit. Practicing regular dance and work out keeps a person healthy, fit, flexible, and active. In this time of lockdown due to COVID19 stay safe, and try dancing for fitness with your dear ones to have fun staying fit at home!

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