Top 6 Games On Whatsapp To Keep You Connected

Are you getting bored at home while you stay away from your friends? You cannot always connect on audio or video calls for hours because you’re parents cannot hear the things that you would discuss with your friends. Especially dares and games on WhatsApp that involve your crush or your dirty secrets. 

Some of these games are just simple Truth or Dare games and some are really nail-biting for you to attempt. Whether you are looking to go on to give that first move on your crush or you just wanna fool around your friend, these games for WhatsApp will help you. 

Simple Group Chat Games On WhatsApp

Although they are very simple, the perfect one can actually make it fun for you. Usually, you would play this game with a bottle spinning in the middle while you get some cocktails at a party. The WhatsApp version of this game is even more exciting. The perk is, you really get to know who sees your stories or messages in group chats and cares to reply to it. Who knows, the one who you are looking out to reply will also do it and Voila, you break the ice! Here are three Truth or Dare games on WhatsApp that you will surely enjoy playing.

Kiss Marry Kill

This is a very simple and popular game to play, with anyone and everyone included in this list of three. If you have watched Koffee with Karan, then you might be a lot more familiar with the drill. 

So the game goes like this. You select three names of celebrities, group members, or literally anybody. And then all the members in the group have to choose who they would kiss, marry, and kill. It is a very interesting way of starting a conversation and having fun in the group. Beware, don’t do this in your official class or workgroups, or you would seriously land in trouble with many others. If it’s unofficial for a fun group, and if you’re close with your colleagues then you could go for it. 

For example, the names could be Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor from whom you choose to kiss, marry, and kill if given a chance. Or tell your friend to ask this with you as one of the three persons. If your crush wants to kiss you or marry you, you’re in for a treat for a while.

Games On Whatsapp To Keep You Connected

Story Builder

This is for all the writing enthusiasts and the prank players. You surely must’ve come across something similar on Instagram where you are asked to click the center word of your keyboard suggestion and it could reveal your true self sometimes! There are two ways of playing this game for WhatsApp.

The first version is where you start a sentence and tell your group members to continue the sentence as and how they like. You could do this with a time constraint or with a word constraint. You could also choose a jury member who would then declare a winner who gave the most interesting bit to the story.

The other way of playing it, and comparatively more interesting than the former, is the keyboard prompting story builder. One person starts a sentence and the others, keep tapping the center suggestion key that prompts above their keyboard. Beware, tell nobody to play it while they’re using WhatsApp web because then, the entire fun is spoilt. 

Would You Rather

Want to gauge the true character of your through games on WhatsApp group members? While this game will not exactly show that, it will at least help you know this person a little more. 

So this game goes like this. You choose two completely different scenarios and put them in the format or would you rather do this or do that? It could also be would you rather be this or be that. We recommend 250 ‘would you rather’ questions that cover a lot of things you could get to know about someone.

Scrambled Words

If you want to test your group members at their vocabulary, then this game will surely help you! Or if you want to know how good they’re with pop culture. This game on WhatsApp is also a good way to know whether your group members vibe to the same things you do. 

All you gotta do is pick some hard English words, add up the spice, and jumble it up. The first to answer with the correct spelling of the word is the winner. Now it is quite possible that they can pick it up from Google. But this would take them longer than that Shashi Tharoor in your gang! Don’t make it boring with words like “eta”. Is it “eat” or “tea”? 

The Lyrics Game

This is another interesting and engaging game to play on WhatsApp. Select a song and pick the lyrics of it. Your friend then has to guess which song it is. You can have some extra fun by sending random sentences and make them break their heads to find the song. A timing limit and the condition to be online will make sure your friend is not seeking Google’s help.

With many languages that one may know, this becomes even more interesting. The array of songs widens if you live in a city like Hyderabad for example. You know 3 languages, at least, maybe.

The Emoji Game

This game can be given its own twist by anyone. You can ask people to guess things, the name of a movie, a famous dialogue, or a song name too. The condition is, you can only use emojis to do this. You can easily make your own set or as usual, check on the internet a list of these emoji questions to ask your friends.

Don’t want to spend a lot of time coming up with these questions? Try these WhatsApp emoticons puzzles that will make it easy f

or you.

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