Fashion Inspiration And Fashion Blogger – Styling For Beginners

Take this shot of fashion inspiration and styling with a dash of what a fashion blogger has to offer. 

Fashion is something that is looked upon by many on the internet. With more and more trends and the mixing of two or more styles in one. What makes a statement these days is nothing but how workable and confident the outcome looks when you are pairing up clothes and accessories together. Yes, a lot of people do not consider accessories but they do fill in the gap and make things stand out. And in this one, we will talk about fashion for ladies, as the saying goes, ladies first.

Ladies fashion is very simple if you get the knack for it. Yes, a lot of people wouldn’t agree with this, but in general, fashion is all about being yourself. The moment you find inspiration for what you want to wear you are sorted with fashion. And to get fashion inspiration is pretty simple, and can be summed up in three steps. 

Inspiration From A Fashion Blogger

Firstly, choose your theme. This would be answered by where you are dressing up for and what you would like to depict through your attire. No, we are not talking about formals or quirky or anything like that. We mean the prints and the textures that you should go for based on the place you’re going to.

The second step is to choose these patterns based on what you like to see on yourself. Yes, it is that simple. You don’t have to be someone else or force yourself into something that you don’t like. This also means, your body shape is not the only thing that can decide what you wear. You wear anything girl!

The third is the actual inspiration we are talking about. Not just one, but a lot of ladies out there have some amazing styling tips, attires, and looks you can totally steal! Yes, we are talking about your favorite actress, your neighborhood fashion blogger, and your friend who you’re not in touch with anymore. Yes, ladies, there is inspiration all around you!

A fashion blogger is the best when it comes to fashion advice and inspiration. Since they spend most of their time on fashion and learn it by themselves, they are a good source for taking in some ideas for your outfits. They also show easier styles in comparison to celebrities who will, possibly, go for a Met Gala Theme for their attire most of the time. Our fashion blogger, on the other hand, advise and suggest easily attainable styles that are for sure out of the box and different from the normal. 

Inspiration From A Fashion Blogger

For all you know, you would nail the next #PillowDressChallenge

Now that you know where to get your inspiration from, here are two important fashion tips that will make your dressing process easier!

Plan What You’re Buying And Wearing

A lot of people don’t do this. Yes, this is something that will help you a lot and save a lot of money. No, this doesn’t mean you don’t go all out on your next shopping spree. 

This one simply means that first, you decide what it is that you want to buy. And then if your heart cannot get over that dress you saw two rows ago or in the current case, two pages ago on the online shopping apps, go for it! The main point is, you cover all your essentials first before you go all out on what you like rather than what you need. 

The second part of this is, decide beforehand what you will be wearing tomorrow. Technically, you should have your OOTD for tomorrow ready Today! Yes, it is very difficult for most of us, but this one is a keeper. If you decide, on most days at least, what you will be wearing tomorrow, your day goes better and you get those extra minutes to glam it up a little more. 

Accessories Always Complete The Look

And we cannot stress more on this. Now there are two ways that this accessory will work on your overall outfit. One, it will complete the look. There must’ve been days when you wore your favorite, literally favorite outfit but felt less happy about it. Just add a complementing accessory to it and you will be as happy with your outfit as you will be on the day you wear it. 

Accessories Always Complete The Look

The second way it helps your outfit is, it will make a boring dress happen. Yes, we hear you. We agree and we know that no matter how much you scroll on your favorite online shopping apps, you always have those 2-3 pairs that you don’t enjoy wearing, but you do. For these ones, pep it up with accessories and make a style statement out of the boring. For fashion inspiration on how to pair accessories, you can simply go on any social media app and check out a fashion blogger’s page. Our recommendations are below –

Tanusha Bajaj 


Meenakshi Pamnani

Aashna Shroff


Fashion inspiration is all around us. The three main things to get your inspiration from are – where you are going, what suits you best and makes you comfortable, and lastly, tips and ideas from fashion bloggers, celebrities, and your friends.

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