E-commerce Firms Can’t Sell Non-essential Items 20th April Onwards

The Indian Government’s decision comes only days after it had permitted E-commerce Firms to sell all the goods and services. The main reason for this decision by the Ministry was first, the delivery and second, the way how customers collect the product.   

Of all the businesses affected, the delivery industry, that is, the online shopping apps have also been affected the most. The main contributors of the online apps are usually the retailers in the market especially with apps like Amazon and Limeroad. 

It is needless to say that deliveries are the most contactable ways to spread the virus and are uncontrollable because of the vast geography it would cover. It is possible that one person will deliver to different places because of the nature of the service. 

There’s no doubt that companies will do their best to take care of the safety of their people and the staff. It can be impractical. It can become very hard to track each and every action of these delivery activities. 

The Home Ministry Announcement for E-commerce Firms

The Home Minister on Sunday reannounced authorization given to online businesses to sell additional items from 20 April. These organizations can now sell fundamental things till the finish of the national lockdown on 3 May. 

The decisions come only days after it had permitted E-commerce Firms to sell optional items. This was only if vehicles conveying such things had the necessary authorizations and passes.   

In a new mandate given by home secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla, the service scrutinized the stockpile of unnecessary items. Their pick up and delivery route were also analyzed.

According to the new decision, the Government has rejected the provision, previously determined. “Web-based business organizations and vehicles utilized by online business administrators will be permitted to employ with important consents,” it said on 15 April. 

The legislature had first forced a 21-day across the nation lockdown, compelling 25 March until 14 April. With the rising number of cases in the country, the administration broadened the lockdown till 3 May. 

Not long ago, the Government had additionally guided states to permit a smooth movement of trucks. It was conveying both fundamental and unnecessary merchandise, alongside void vehicles to distribute goods and services. 

The Online Shopping Industry During Lockdown

Other reports and trends have shown how online shopping business is already affected by COVID19. While people are buying everything in bulk, there is not much mileage given to the non-essential section of things. 

Since the announcement of the WHO that Coronavirus is a pandemic, a lot of panic buying has been seen. This is mainly with items like hand sanitizers, masks, and toilet paper too. Both the retail shops and the online stores in the world wide web are seeing a surge in demand. It is also difficult to maintain the supply required in the market. On the other hand, within a week or two, they are unable to maintain demand. Especially for many non-essential products due to the changing behavior of the public. 

When it comes to picking up the essentials like groceries and medicines, there has been a sharp increase in the orders due to the lockdown.

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