How To Check Ranking in Google For Keywords While Writing A Blog

With the growing need for business and experiences going online, blogs are an important tool to communicate with your community. There are many things that make a blog rank up on Google. But the most important aspect to address while writing is the keywords. Keywords are very important to appear in the initial search results of Google. When you check ranking in Google for keywords, you can make sure you’re using the right words that people search for and therefore, reach more people with your blog eventually. 

Blog Writing And The Right Keywords

The entire world is going digital with its approach in every sphere of life. There is a digital approach to everything from personal, to professional, to emotional. Even if you want to start yoga classes or want to open a shop, you can do it from home digitally. This digital opportunity will bring out the best fruit, only when you communicate and engage well through your content. And yes, like other articles on digital marketing, we too believe that Content is King.

When you are setting out on this journey to communicate your thoughts, your product, and your blog overall, it is important to be easily available out there. Your blog has to be a bridge between what you offer and the people who need it. While you write blogs, search engines are designated to pick the best ones as the top results. Readers online are first directed to the articles that rank on top. Hence, it is important to make sure and check keyword ranking in Google. This is based on how you write, how people coming to your article comprehend it, and whether they engage with it. 

Choosing The Right Keyword

If you are starting to blog now, mind you, there are already plenty in this sea. But this shouldn’t stop you from getting a good amount of traffic. Because simultaneously the number of people on the internet are increasing too. The key to getting as many people to your blog is to choose the right keywords.

Now there are various keyword tools online for you to check website ranking in Google. Here are a few tools that will help you find a proper keyword and check ranking in Google.

“One of the most common mistakes bloggers and website administrators make is that they write and publish articles without targeting any keywords at all”

Harsh Agrawal

Google Keyword Planner

Our personal favorite is the Google Keyword Planner. This tool is generally a go-to for ad campaigns and finding keywords that best suit your Google Ads and blog articles. All you have to do is insert keyword ideas and get relevant suggestions that go hand-in-hand with your current topic. Another additional benefit is that it lets you enter your own domain and develop results based on your industry and product portfolio. It also provides search volume, competition and helps you in the bidding strategies.


SEMrush is a comprehensive tool that helps you with SEO and content for your website. You just have to pick a URL of a referential article on the same lines of which you are going to write and drop it here. This tool will give you a complete analysis of the keywords and your overall website performance too, which will help you rank up on Google.


Ubersuggest is an SEO analyzing tool by the famous digital marketer, Neil Patel, with his added experience and understanding of the online world. This tool not just gives you a ranking of a keyword you enter, but also suggests relevant keywords, search volume, cost per click, traffic, and SEO visits too.

How To Check Ranking in Google For Keywords While Writing A Blog

Why To Check Ranking In Google For Keywords?

Optimizing your content according to search engines is very essential for ranking up. If you have access to SEO tools then you are cutting through half of the difficulties to rank up. Using the right and comprehensive SEO tool will be your best friend on the journey to being the best blogger.

Your way of writing and being audience-friendly is not the only criteria to rank on Google. Checking your keyword ranking will bring you even closer to this audience that you are targeting. The audience will only type simple words on the search bar and not the intricate and sophisticated ones that you think will work. A blog is supposed to be readable and SEO friendly for ranking up on Google.

What Your Audience Wants

To know if you’re writing correctly, there are various tools that scan grammar and sentence formations. Not just that, this part of how you write is also the tone, and the easiness you provide for a reader. Definitely, this does not mean using your vocab to the fullest that not many people are familiar with. Even if your articles are going to be about a particular subject like finance, it is important that you use relevant keywords to bring out the best meaning and be available online.

To know whether your audience comprehends the content you have written, you can simply check out the time they spend on your article page. With the use of analytical tools, you can get to know this. If you see people leaving your site early, it means they don’t understand or like your content. But if they stay for more time, it means that they like what you’ve written and are likely to visit your site again.

The third, most important thing is the engagement. Engagement in social media terms would mean liking, commenting, and sharing. Here also it is almost similar. When somebody reads your piece of content, does it make a great impression on them? Do they like sharing it with their mates? Do they comment on their opinion about how it helped them? 


To make sure that the content you write reaches as many people as possible, it is important to check ranking in Google. If you use such relevant keywords on your blog, you increase the chances of ranking up and reaching out to more people. 

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