The Best Comedy TV Series On Amazon Prime Video To Binge-Watch

While Netflix surely has an amazing set of comedy shows on it, Amazon Prime Video is not less in comparison. We also have socially tequilafied shows here on Prime which you would enjoy equally. Cause when you think of comedy at work, who doesn’t remember The Office? Here are some more we have added to the list of the best comedy TV series on Amazon Prime Video.

List 1: Comedy 

Social Tequila’s Best Comedy TV Series On Netflix

We are in no mood to let you be bored when you are at home endlessly surfing the best comedy TV shows on Amazon Prime. While you could surely go through a synopsis provided in the platform itself, here we are with some more in-depth analysis and interesting points to mention about each of these shows. After all, laughing is the best exercise and not just yoga or fitness!


best comedy tv series on amazon prime

Fleabag is a British comedy-drama show written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. It’s an adaptation of her one-woman show that she first performed in 2013.  Waller-Bridge stars as Fleabag and she is a sexually active, funny, free-spirited yet angry young woman living in London. The show has two seasons and aired its last episode on 8th April 2019. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is also well known for another great Netflix show; Crashing. Crashing deals with a group of six twenty-something youths living in a disused hospital building.

Why is it Socially Tequilafied?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is exceptional in both the way she writes and the way she acts. Fleabag is humorous, relatable and follows how she gets through life with her family, her ex, and also how fleabag deals with the death of her best friend and business partner Boo. Her dark sense of humor is an acquired taste, similar to liking dark chocolate. Also, for all our guinea pig aficionados, Fleabag runs a guinea pig café that houses Boo’s guinea pig who Boo named Hilary.


best comedy tv series on amazon prime

Seinfeld was first aired in the year 1989 and continued on air till 1998. It was a show that stood out from shows and sitcoms of that time. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld the show has 9 seasons and mostly focuses on a fictionalized version of Seinfeld and his life with his close group of friends and acquaintances. While most of the shows we’ve recommended up until now have been released post-2000’s. Seinfeld has stood the test of time and so deserves to be here.

Why is it Socially Tequilafied?

Seinfeld stood out when it first came out and stands out even now. It served as a great platform and roots for all the shows we enjoyed ever since. It’s a show about nothing and at the same time a show about everything. It has a lot of great Jewish cultural references. Seinfeld has had a lot of cameos from now-famous actors who had their first on-screen appearances on this show. 

The Office

best comedy tv series on amazon prime

The Office is an American show, that is a mockumentary sitcom that portrays the everyday life of office employees in the fictional company Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. It is an adaptation of UK television show that aired on BBC from 2001-2003. The show was filmed with a single- camera setup, without a studio audience. Steve Carell was the original reason the show grew to the famous heights it has today. Though there is still speculation about which office is better. The American version of The Office is the one we’re talking about today. Its deadpan humor with a strong sprinkling of Steve Carell’s Dad jokes is something everyone can enjoy.

Why is it Socially Tequilafied?

The Office is the perfect show to watch after a long stressful day, there aren’t any major plots to follow or too many love triangles to keep track of. The show has a massive fan following and snippets are also seen as memes all over the internet. The characters have their eccentricities and they are what makes the show special. The writing and the portrayal of the characters written is something that so many shows lack, which is what gets the Office onto our list. In Dwight’s words “life goes on” that’s a motto we can all appreciate, and when we can’t there’s always jello. 

Man With A Plan

Man with a plan is a show that stars Matt LeBlanc, The show is a great show for a good family-style binge, It has four seasons and is about a family of five, Matt plays Adam Burns, he runs a contracting business with his brother Don When his wife decides to go back to work after the youngest of their three children starts school, Adam finds himself having to take over more of the responsibilities at home, and with the children. He also needs to find a balance in his life between work, his wife, the children, his parents, and his brother.

Why is it Socially Tequilafied?

It’s a great show for the whole family, you’ll find each member of your family relating to it. Most dads will relate to Adam’s issues, and mothers everywhere will agree with Andi (his wife). They work together as a team to solve their issues as members of a family, workplace, and society. It also speaks about the awkward talks parents need to have and the lessons they need to teach their children. It’s four seasons of great, relatable family fun.

Come back to us here at Social Tequila and find our list on the best comedy TV series on Hotstar. Stay tuned to Media Shots to see more from other genres and OTT platforms.

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